Dorah's Ark

Integra Care Project 2016
There are those rare moments when you truly meet someone inspiring. Our NPO administrator Patty Ogle is one of those people. Her absolute dedication to giving back to the community inspired us to begin our first NPO project at Dorah's Ark Children's Home this year ' 2016. 
Dorah's Ark is children's home and soup kitchen is located in Roodepoort Gauteng. They house children from infants to teens. The house has 2 rooms, one to fit in all the boys and another for all the girls. The home is neat and well looked after but too small for all the bodies it provides a shelter too.
Spending the day with these children truly touched the lives of all our staff that was involved. We had a chance to play with them and hand out a few hugs to go with the consumables. 
We look forward to building on this project and find more homes we can reach out and get involved with!
If you would like to get involved send us your thoughts here

Mandela Day 2017

Integra Care Project for 2017

Last year in 2016 we launched our very first NPO project at Dorah's Arc children's home in Roodepoort, Gauteng. A community project like this was a first for our company and the experience of spending a day in the lives of these children had a profound effect on every person that was involved.

As Mandela day grew closer this year '2017 we again looked for a place that we could make a difference at and found the inspiring story of Rainbow Children's Village. This home was founded in 2005 with an aim of helping young children in the community who are underprivileged, HIV-positive and abused children.

On the 08 of August, we had collected enough consumables among our own staff and community to donate to the children's home. The day was a fantastic experience as before and we had the chance to spend a little time with the children and to be able to contribute a little to their conditions.

If you would like to get involved let us know here